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The way to get an effective 4.0 GPA and higher Levels, Of the a beneficial Harvard Alum

Toward cuatro.0 measure, an enthusiastic unweighted cuatro.0 GPA function brilliance. You want upright As in the class-not you to definitely A good- are allowed. When you look at the university programs, which sells a great amount of pounds. You are essentially advising the institution, “Senior school kinds was a great piece of cake. I have removed a tough direction load, and I am more than prepared for exactly what college must place at myself.”

Into the high school, I got an excellent 4.0 GPA which have a program weight featuring ten AP programs. I’d upright As the and you will 12 A good+’s the reason. Which strong way stream, plus an effective app, had me on Harvard each school We applied to.

While it is flattering to say, “Better, Allen’s only a sensible kid,” actually I depended far more on large-top approach and you will productive educational patterns.